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Erin Bennetto

“I like that it feels like a small town, but with more possibility.” - Erin Bennetto.

Erin Bennetto moved from Saskatchewan to Medicine Hat for a one-year work contract in the summer of 2020.

She says the large trees along her street, flowing river outside her balcony and buzzy patios and coffee shops downtown made it easy for her to settle in. 

“This is the perfect base for any remote worker, and I see a lot of positives to basing myself here,” she says. “For now, I’m just excited to enjoy another summer in Medicine Hat.”

While she works for the city, Bennetto runs her own web design studio and brought it along with her, and she already feels supported. She says the sense of community that flows throughout Medicine Hat continues to inspire her and other business owners.

“Younger people are doing cool things here, and it’s easy to feed that energy in a city this size, and feel like you are a part of it,” she says. “I especially appreciate that being a young business owner myself.”

The contract position that encouraged her to move made her feel welcomed quickly and brought more opportunity with other groups in the city, which she is very grateful for. 

In the beginning, all Bennetto knew was that Medicine Hat was a good option, since it kept her close to home, family and friends. Her 10 months of living in the city gave her an experience she wouldn’t know otherwise. 

“I like that it feels like a small town, but with more possibility,” says Bennetto. “There have been many conversations of optimism and bright ideas within the community, and I believe this is only going to gather momentum over the coming years.”
Bennetto sits inside Redcliff Bakery in downtown Medicine Hat, a locally-owned business that's famous for its cinnamon buns, doughnuts and custom cakes. The family-owned business opened its new downtown location in 2020, but the bakery itself has been established since 1993. (Photo by Schae Photography)

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