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8 steps for a successful job relocation

Bernie Leahy has worked more than 25 years in the Medicine Hat real estate industry and has helped move countless people to the city.

“It’s all about laying out the red carpet so the anxiety that comes along with moving can be relieved as much as possible," says Leahy.

Here are eight tips for a successful job relocation:

  1. Find a realtor who knows the city

The first step in answering most, if not all, of the questions is to find a realtor who knows the city, so they’re able to connect their clients to effective and relevant resources. Time is saved from doing research and blindly traveling when a realtor is able to guide the client in the right direction, says Leahy. But, how do we know it’s the right direction?

  1. Communication

Leahy says communication is the best way to replicate the new home to the old one. There is more to a move than the physical home. It’s the neighbourhood, schools and recreations. Perhaps the children or parents have specific needs as well. How can communication help us find the right neighbourhood?

  1. Find the right neighbourhood

With communication, Leahy and his team figure out what makes the currently lived-in neighbourhood suitable, and then search for a neighbourhood with similar offerings in Medicine Hat. For those with children, they’ll organize meetings with school principles for a school tour. Other factors are considered so confidence is felt by the potential movers knowing their neighbourhood adds value to their new home. What are other factors to consider for children?

  1. Clarify the children’s wants and needs

Finding the same recreational facilities and activities in a new city can bring familiarity, excitement and perhaps more opportunity. Leahy and his team help families find leagues, parks, travel spots, schools, doctors, dentists and other programs and resources. The focus is to make sure everything Medicine Hat has to offer, that speaks to children, is known to those who are new to the city. What about the parents’ needs and wants?

  1. Clarify the parents wants and needs

Leahy encourages those to create a list of everything that currently brings them happiness, so they’re able to find those same resources and programs in their new home. A realtor who knows the city will be able to provide links and contact information to almost all inquiries, whether it's sport leagues, the arts, volunteering, outdoor activities or future career opportunities. Okay, now that the interests are taken care of, what about the technical set ups?

  1. Set up personal accounts with the help of your realtor 

Leahy has helped people relocate to Medicine Hat from many countries, and setting up accounts is always on the to do list. He says a realtor that uses their knowledge to set families up with a bank that offers the most relevant packages for a family is extremely helpful. Other accounts to set up are, insurance, internet, cellular and utilities. What other companies should we be in contact with?

  1. Connect with doctors and dentists

Using thorough communication, Leahy gives contact information for any health care purposes, whether it’s an eye doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, or regular doctor that best suit his moving professionals. A realtor that provides this information will eliminate majority off the to do list, so the movers will be settled with little to do once they arrive to their new home.

  1. City tour 

The best way for someone to become familiar with an area is to experience it themselves. Taking a tour of the city is the best way for any person, couple or family to see if it’s a good fit. Leahy and his team tour their clients around Medicine Hat, so they can feel for themselves if Medicine Hat offers them space for their new career, home and lifestyle.

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