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Corley Farough

“The speed is so much slower here and it feels like everything is in reach.” - Corley Farough.

In 2019, Corley Farough and her husband purchased a house in Medicine Hat when her husband accepted a job position in the city.

Farough is a self-employed artist who finds an abundance of inspiration when she adventures around the city, from the nature filled neighbourhoods, to the historic-brick buildings, and the many different cityscape views. She says the community’s art culture is largely embraced, and she’s eager to immerse herself in it, along with her other interests.

“I’m really looking forward to attending the classes at Medalta Potteries, working in my garden and having access to all the local greenhouses,” she says.

Since Farough and her husband moved to their neighbourhood in July, it was a pleasant surprise for the two to see all the neighbours decorate their homes with bright lights and extravagant decorations during the Holiday season.

“It’s really nice to see the community come out and enjoy the set ups. We usually have vehicles drive by from as early as November to as late as New Year’s,” she says. “The springtime is also one of my favourite seasons here, watching the landscape transform from grey to vibrant colours. We have a tree in our yard that turns a magenta colour, and it’s absolutely beautiful.”

Farough describes Medicine Hat as fun, wholesome and fulfilling. A day well spent for her is sitting on her deck enjoying the morning sun while she sips a cup of locally-brewed coffee, checking out garage sales and local vintage stores, walking her dogs in Riverside to a local café where they’re greeted with smiles and treats, spending the afternoon in the library facing the river, walking to a brewery for an evening beverage and then going to the Crescent Heights view spot that overlooks the city to watch the sunset.

Farough is originally from Manitoba, and has lived all throughout Southern Alberta for most of her life, and Medicine Hat is the place that feels most like home.

“The speed is so much slower here and it feels like everything is in reach,” she says. “We’re really happy we made the decision to move here.”
Farough and her Old English Sheepdog, Bodega, enjoy a walk along the South Saskatchewan River under the sun in Riverside, a neighbourhood that's near downtown.

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