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Korie Seibel

“It’s a wonderful place to call home.” - Korie Seibel.

Korie Seibel moved from Saskatchewan to Medicine Hat with her family in 2009, when her husband accepted a job position in the oilfield.

She’s enjoyed raising her two children in a city that offers many recreational facilities and programs, outdoor activities and a great education system.

“There are easily-accessible walking and biking trails throughout the city, beautiful parks, playgrounds, waterparks, outdoor pools, race tracks and sports programs,” she says. “Our city has something for everybody.”

Seibel enjoys spending time kayaking, floating and fishing on the South Saskatchewan River that flows through the sun filled city. Morning cups of locally brewed coffee, walks along the trails with the city-scape views, summer patio lunches, and evening barbecues are a few things that bring a wonderful day for Seibel.

“There is a happy medium for families, couples and singles here,” she says. “The community is supportive, friendly and relaxed, and it’s a place where you can make those lifelong connections.”  

Seibel was able to return to school at the Medicine Hat College to pursue a career in social work, an opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible without her move to Medicine Hat, she says.

“One exciting part about our move here is there are more accessible opportunities than in the previous town we lived in,” she says. “And I didn’t need to leave Medicine Hat. I could do what I needed to do, be a mom and wife, and still attend school to continue my education.” 

Seibel feels connected within her community. The way residents support one another, especially within the local business community, really creates an environment that she is proud to be a part of.

“I can see the effort our city makes to thrive,” she says. “We have something really special here and it’s really great to see the community come together and support one another.”

Seibel, her husband and two children have no plans to leave the Hat anytime soon. 

“The weather is amazing, and the short commute from one end of the city to the other is fantastic. It’s a wonderful place to call home.”  
Seibel enjoys the fresh air at one of Medicine Hat's city-scape viewpoints in Crescent Heights. The green bridge in the background, Finlay Bridge, is a historic landmark that was the first bridge built in Medicine Hat, in 1908.

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