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Lyndon Grunewald

“I love how unique we are in that way." - Lyndon Grunewald.

When Lyndon Grunewald and his family lived in Regina, the city of Medicine Hat was just a highway stop-off for them when they'd travel.

But when Grunewald accepted an executive director position with a non-for-profit organization in Medicine Hat, it became home for him, his wife and children in 2013. Since their move, the nearby surrounding attractions became familiar places for the Grunewald family.

“We love to go on day adventures with our kids and Medicine Hat is perfect for that, because we can go to Reeser Lake in Cypress Hills or Red Rock Coulee and be back in a day,” he says. “Red Rock Coulee is our absolute favourite. We could spend a number of days just exploring there.”

Events within Medicine Hat, like Spectrum Festival and the live shows at The Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre, help the family create memories. His daughter’s art was once featured at The Esplanade. Grunewald was happy to see a city of this size embrace children’s talents in the community.

His children often hop on their bikes and ride the city trails, and the family walks the coulee ridges with their dog. The green spaces help to make the time spent together that much more enjoyable, whether it’s during the winter with holiday lights wrapped around the street lamps, or during the summer when flowers are planted throughout the city.

“We really love living here. We love our neighbours, and we love the atmosphere in Medicine Hat," he says. "I especially love all the work the city puts in to irrigating all the green spaces. It’s a beautiful city.”

The family has even planted cactus’ in their own backyard since the heat and sun allow such plants to thrive. Grunewald says he loves the natural cactus’ that grow along the coulees.

“When people think of Canada, they don’t think of what we have here in Medicine Hat. I love how unique we are in that way," he says.

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