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The most epic moving checklist in the history of checklists

Having a list to follow while moving brings peace of mind. Organization is key and the last thing anyone wants is to have their brain as scattered as their home. Here is a list we’ve created with extra lists and tips at the bottom to ensure a seamless move where nothing is left behind!

6 weeks before

  • Create a moving timeline list and cross off as you go.
  • Contact moving or rental U-Haul companies to book a day. Be sure to book rental storage if needed.
  • Collect important documents and tell services about your move, doctors, dentists etc.
  • Ask the child’s present school to send records to new school.
  • Research local amenities and have new introductory appointments scheduled, banks, doctors, dentists etc.
  • Collect boxes.
  • Purchase moving supplies: tape, markers, bubble wrap, newspaper etc. Boxes may be found at your local post office.
  • Create a plan on how you’ll organize your belongings into boxes. Be sure to colour coat and label appropriately.
  • Send a mass e-mail or text telling people about your move.
  • Contact those that can help with the move.
  • Complete home improvements and repairs.

1 month before

  • Designate a space for packed boxes.
  • De-clutter and plan a garage sale weekend or donation drop-off day. Pack non-essentials, like home décor, while you decide what to donate/sell. Boxes should be labelled, “keep” “donate” “sell”.
  • Return borrowed items. Get things back that you have loaned out.
  • Coordinate childcare for moving days.
  • Fill prescriptions for current medications.
  • Be sure the check your local shelters to see if they need what you’ll be getting rid of.
  • Confirm the dates and prices with your moving or U-Haul company and/or rental storage unit.
  • Cancel services, gas, electric, cable, garbage, lease (if renting), memberships, home or renter’s insurance, landscaping, pest control and other home services. Transfer subscriptions.
  • Contact the post office and fill out change of address form.
  • Start finishing the produce and other foods in your fridge.

2 weeks before

  • Book a few days off for the move.
  • Create an inventory list and take photos of high-value items to note conditions of item before the move.
  • Get your car fully serviced – while you’re there ask if your mechanic recommends any car services in your new city.

1 week before

  • Pack a survival suitcase for each member of the family, should include clothes, medications, activities (toys, books, technologies), hygiene care, technology chargers, snacks.
  • Other survival suitcase should include, dish soap, dish towel, hand towel, facial tissues, first aid kit, toilet paper.
  • Cleaning kit should include, cleaning supplies for the day before move. Moving kit should include, box cutter, door stopper, masking tape, tape measure, standard tool kit and drill.
  • Transfer bank accounts and close safety deposit boxes.
  • Pay any remaining bills and close the accounts.
  • Dissemble remaining furniture.
  • Figure out a simple meal plan.

1-2 days before

  • Thoroughly clean entire home
  • Double check all empty spaces to ensure nothing has been left behind.
  • Call and confirm dates and times with moving or U-haul rental companies.
  • Check to make sure you have all vital documents and keep them within reach.
  • De-frost the freezer and clean out any remaining food left in the refrigerator.
  • Order takeout for dinner from a local business.


Where to change address:

  • Electricity, Gas, Water, Cable, Internet, Phone, Cell Phone, Trash, Employment, Banks, Credit Cards, Loan Agenicies, Insurance, Investment Broker, Social Security, Department of Revenue, License and Registration, USPS Mail Forwarding, Voter Registration, Business License Office, Business Cards, Tell Friends, Tell Family, Childcare, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Vet/Groomer, Subscriptions, Gyms, Any Other Extracurricular Activities.

House Cleaning Checklist:

  • Spot clean walls, cabinets, shelves and doors.
  • Dust baseboards, window sills and shelves.
  • Dust lighting fixtures and remove cobwebs.
  • Dust blinds and clean windows.
  • Dust closets.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Vaccuum and steam mop floors.
  • Take out trash.
  • Clean shower.
  • Clean toilet.
  • Clean sinks.
  • Clean inside and outside of kitchen appliances.
  • Wipe kitchen cabinet shelves.


  • Save all receipts for moving expenses.
  • Be sure to set up a moving budget.
  • Do the research to find a reliable and credible moving or U-haul rental company.
  • Rent the right size truck.
  • Have a binder that tells you what is in each labelled box and which room it goes to.
  • Keep the clothes on hangers and wrap them in large plastic bags.
  • Be sure to set up internet and utilities before you move.
  • Research moving hacks that can save you time, money and have you utilizing your space in boxes better.

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