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Robert and Annegret Jung

“We never get homesick. We’ve even had a few of our Kelowna customers move to Medicine Hat. We are happy to be here; it’s a beautiful place.” - Annegret Jung.

Robert and Annegret Jung would often travel to Medicine Hat to visit their daughter and grandchildren. They were living in Kelowna, British Columbia at the time, but the more they visited Medicine Hat, the more nature quickly drew them to love the city. 

Eventually the two officially made the decision to move the Medicine Hat in September 2020.

“The people here are really kind and warm. There’s a different mentality, and we had a really nice welcome when we moved. The nature is so nice. If we miss the water, we go to the South Saskatchewan River. Police Point Park and Kin Coulee Park are our favourite two places to walk,” says Annegret.

The Jung’s have a South African Mastiff named Luna they take to the off-leash and on-leash areas and paths. Throughout all seasons, Annegret and Robert find themselves driving out to Elkwater in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park to hike the trails, have a picnic, relax in the 12-34 Cafe, and relish in the scenery that surrounds them almost every week.

“We are outdoor people — any free minute we have, we spend outdoors. We also love the greenhouses. You can go and find a decent size bag for a very affordable price, and the vegetables are so fresh.”

Robert and Annegret owned Annegret’s Chocolates for 20 years in Kelowna, and it was important for them to open the chocolate shop in Medicine Hat when they moved. Annegret’s Chocolates has a long list of authentic European chocolates, served in various themed shapes and sizes, all hand-made in-house by Annegret. 

When the two aren’t making and serving chocolate, they are on the trails, in the parks, soaking in the 330 days of sunshine, and spending time with their family. 

“We never get homesick. We’ve even had a few of our Kelowna customers move to Medicine Hat. We are happy to be here; it’s a beautiful place.”

“We love to go to Echo Dale Regional Park to let our dog run in the off-leash area. The park reminds me of back home in Germany, because we have these same parks with the big trees and the nice green colours,” says Annegret.

Annegret and Robert Jung inside of their authentic, European chocolate store, where everything is made in-house by Annegret.

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