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Can moving make you happier?

A lifestyle where we enjoy the great things that happen in our day-to-day life may seem far, but at the end of the day, it’s only one drive or plane ride away.

Kate Bohrn, who lives in Medicine Hat with her family, says the 330 days of sunshine fills their lungs with love and gratitude and leads them to spend more time outside soaking in the Vitamin D.

They hit the pathways every day in all seasons, whether they bike or walk the dog. During the warmer days, their meals are eaten outside and morning coffee is enjoyed for as long as possible while the sun shines.

“The weather here is amazing. You can really utilize most of the year outside in Medicine Hat,” says Bohrn.

The 155 kilometres of pathways are so near to their home, Bohrn and her family often walk or bike out their front door to a trail that calls their name.

Parks are accompanied with sporting courts and playgrounds that keep children and adults on their feet, where their hearts intensely beat with adoration for the lively trees and comforting hills that surround them.

Red Rock Coulee, Elkwater, Echo Dale Regional Park, River Valley Trail Loop and Writing on Stone Provincial Park are always close enough for a day’s venture when one seeks travel.

When time is freed, sporting leagues, recreational facilities and community classes take place to offer balance between work and play.

When the sun escapes into the night, the energy at local eateries light up the city. A mutual love is created in a space that fills Hatters with food, drinks and lifelong memories to reminisce on.

Rebecca Weisgerber moved from Kerrobert, Sask. to Medicine Hat 11 years ago and says she and her husband are here to stay. Meals from locally owned eateries fulfill their hunger twice a week, whether they order or dine in.

“Originally being from a small town, eating out wasn’t really an option,” says Weisgerber. “Here we get city quality meals and atmosphere, but the servers remember us and we run into people we know, so it still has that small town feel.”

For at-home cooking, locals turn to greenhouses, local food subscription boxes and summer markets to fill their fridges with nourishing ingredients that are cooked together for the week’s meals.

The appropriately-sized neighbourhoods in the city make it easy to create a routine that involves relaxed travel with light traffic. Hatters appreciate their extra sleep since work and school are rarely longer than a 20-minute drive away.

Aleesha Smith, who’s originally from Ontario, says Medicine Hat is perfect for her need to be on time.

“That’s my favourite part about here, is that it takes no time to get around town; it’s 20 minutes from one side of town to the other,” says Smith.

The opportunities are endless for those who build a home and choose a lifestyle that best suits them once they settle in Medicine Hat.

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