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Sewline Upholstery

Using vision, experienced skill, machines and material, weathered furniture returns to its former glory inside local family business Sewline Upholstery.

Robert Burkart started the company in 1990 and he; along with his wife, daughter and employees, still works to upholster a diverse range of items for Medicine Hat residents.

Office marketing manager and in-house designer Jenelle Lesmeister says Sewline Upholstery revives antique and valuable furniture with passion and integrity in a collaborative environment. 

“To see some of the furniture in shambles, to being taken apart, and then put back together into a polished and re-crafted piece is incredible." Jenelle Leismeister.

Seven years of experience is preferred when starting with the company, along with creativity to envision, conceptualize and communicate ideas for a project from start to finish.

The family-owned business, Lesmeister being the daughter, welcomes their employees and clientele with open arms.

“Since we’re so used to functioning together as a family, we’re able to create that welcoming space for people,” she says.

The shared stories behind the furniture are personal, heartwarming and inspires the team to upholster it into a luxurious piece that the owner truly cherishes.

“To see some of the furniture in shambles, to being taken apart, and then put back together into a polished and re-crafted piece is incredible,” she says.

Fulfillment and gratitude are felt by each upholsterer in the workplace once a project is finished. To know it has impacted someone’s everyday life, the feeling is irreplaceable, and revitalized with each piece.

“We always make sure to keep the history of the furniture and respect the pieces, because so many of them have so much value to each individual that comes in,” says Lesmeister.

Ideas shared about furniture when brought in by owners is welcomed, embraced, and invited.

Check out the company's Instagram page.

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