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Shae Fedorak

“This is where I want to be. I want to be here." - Shae Fedorak.

When Shae Fedorak moved to Medicine Hat with her mother in 2012, her love for the city soon took her by surprise.

As an eleventh grader, she expected the transition to be intimidating, but she quickly felt at home when she involved herself in student council and the different clubs.

“I was able to fit in really quick,” says Fedorak. “People were accepting, and everyone got along with everyone. It blew my mind.”

After high school graduation, Fedorak says her original plan was to attend post-secondary in Lethbridge, but her adoration for her home strengthened. She ended up adjusting her specialty in education to stay in Medicine Hat and complete her degree.

“I love the small-town feel of Medicine Hat, and I liked that I could graduate with my degree and stay close to home,” she says.

Fedorak now holds a teaching position in a rural community, while she pursues photography and coaches sports teams on the side. Her photography business, Creativity in Action, that she started as a hobby has gained large community support.

“It’s only been since May 2020 where I’ve promoted myself. I started setting up night shoots, and I’ve gotten very busy in the last year without even knowing it.”

Fedorak would like to continue building her life in Medicine Hat. Her inspiration comes from the support within the community members, and she says the local business community is built on friendship and support for one another.  

“Some of my closest friends are small business owners, and I think it’s cool how you can connect with people through your passions here,” says Fedorak.

Her move at a younger age brought her many opportunities with graduation, post-secondary, teaching, coaching and her photography business, that she’ll continue to embrace in a place that feels most like home.

“This is where I want to be. I want to be here,” she says.
Fedorak takes a self-portrait in a prairie field in Medicine Hat. Medicine Hat is home to beautiful backdrops and stunning sunsets, perfect for all types of photoshoots.

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