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Xanthe Isbister

"I love how I can afford to live in a beautiful historic brick home, on a breathtaking tree-lined street, close to the Historic Downtown, and I can walk to work from where I live." - Xanthe Isbister

Xanthe Isbister moved to Medicine Hat in 2010 from Winnipeg, Manitoba to pursue her passion for arts and culture. With plans of only staying a year, she acquired a full-time position in the city in the arts and culture industry and fell in love with the pace of life. 

1. What do you love most about Medicine Hat?

I love how I can afford to live in a beautiful historic brick home, on a breathtaking tree-lined street, close to the Historic Downtown, and I can walk to work from where I live. I walk to the grocery store and restaurants, and take advantage of the walking paths and parks right outside my front doorstep. This way of life is idyllic for me. It nourishes my soul. 

2. What brought you to Medicine Hat?

I moved to Medicine Hat to be one of the first full year artists at the International Artist in Residence Program at Medalta in the Historic Clay District. I only planned to stay the year but was offered a position as Curator for the TREX Program. The provincial program develops contemporary art exhibitions and features artwork by Alberta artists, and tours non-traditional gallery spaces throughout the province. I am now the Curator of Galleries and Collections at The Esplanade and am really grateful to work with such a talented group of colleagues.

3. How do you and your family enjoy spending time in the city?

We love to walk down to the Medicine Hat Public Library to grab new books, then pop into The Esplanade to check out the exhibitions and fun things for the kids to do. We’ll then grab some lunch at Thuy Tien, and ice cream at Moose & Squirrel Bistro. We also love to spend time at the Windmill Garden Centre and John’s Butterfly House to visit the butterflies. 

4. For someone who doesn’t know anything about the city, what would you like them to know?

The fact we have a Historic Clay District that is a National Historic Site, and The Esplanade, two very exceptional cultural institutions in a city the size of Medicine Hat is very unique. They are both vital to our community’s quality of life and preserve and maintain Southeast Alberta history, as well as provide unique arts and heritage experiences — experiences one would have in a larger city centre.

Xanthe says, “Medicine hat is a gem of a city, tucked into the coulees, streams and rivers of Southern Alberta. It is a wonderful place to raise your children, as we have everything a big city does without the traffic and line-ups. Time moves slow in Medicine Hat, so you’re able to enjoy the everyday — kids running through the sprinklers, birds chirping, friendly neighbours, great parks, bike paths, and a thriving cultural scene.

Xanthe Isbister stands inside one of the galleries at the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre. This cultural landmark features year-round art galleries and exhibits, as well as live shows, museums, and much more.

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