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Angelique Doyle

"The waterparks are incredible — that’s where my children spent most of their time growing up." - Angelique Doyle.

Angelique Doyle and her husband moved from a little town in Ontario with their first-born to find work 26 years ago. Once they did, they brought another child into the world and created a lifetime of memories in Canada’s Sunniest City. From the country to the city, here are five ways Doyle and her family have enjoyed growing up in Medicine Hat. 

1. Free Family Activities

“The waterparks are incredible — that’s where my children spent most of their time growing up. My sister-in-law and brother came to visit recently from Ontario, and I showed them the Ross Glen Waterpark. They couldn’t believe it was free. There’s free skating all around the city. Medicine Hat Public Library is the best resource of all. They have the most amazing play area for children. Whenever my great nieces and nephews come to visit, that’s where we go.”

2. Unique Homes and Green Spaces

“There are neighbourhoods with unique homes and huge backyards here. Near our home, we have a backyard, but we also have the most amazing green-belt behind us, which was basically my children’s playground when they were little. It’s like an extension of our yard. Even as adults, when they come home, we’ll play bocce ball or something out in the green space.”

3. Trail System

“It doesn’t take long to get to a walking path or green space from your house in Medicine Hat. When my kids were younger, my husband would put them in one of those bike attachments, and he’d bike all the way out to Echo Dale Regional Park — that’s the trail system we have! I love to go on walks with my dogs, and our dog parks are amazing. I just found out about a new one by Gas City Campground. It doesn’t matter that I’ve lived here for 26 years, just when I think I know the city quite well, I learn about a new little hidden gem somewhere.”

4. Amenities

“It doesn’t matter where you live in the city, you’re five to six minutes from a grocery store. If your neighbours aren’t home, and you can’t ask for an egg, you can run to the grocery store to go get one. It’s so convenient.”

5. Friendly Community

“When we moved here, we lived in an apartment building. Before I knew it, I had all these friends of all ages. There were certain people we’d just resonate with. It snowballed from there, and friendships were built. There was a community created inside the apartment building. Now, I have friends that are born and raised here and friends who’ve also moved here.”

Doyle reminisces about a park on the Southeast Hill near Alexandra Middle School that she would take her kids to, “At that time there was only a swing set, but now there’s a whole park set up for children. It was seriously a three minute walk from our house. Another gem I wouldn’t have found if I wasn’t out walking. It was a beautiful little place that had enough trees with shade, and we would have picnics and the kids would play.”

As she reminisces about raising her children in the city, she and her family still enjoy their days in Medicine Hat. A move 26 years ago brought new adventures and cherished memories.

Angelique Doyle laughs in Medicine Hat's Historic Downtown. These photos were taken for a locally-owned consignment store in Medicine Hat.

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