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8 tips for a successful home relocation

Born-and-raised Hatter and 17-year real estate agent Elizabeth McNally sees an average of 15 to 20 families settle into Medicine Hat every year. From her experience, she’s learned the smoothest way one can move their belongings from one place to another, as well as everything else that comes with it.

“What do you like about where you currently live? What do you wish you had? When deciding where to move, let’s try to fill in some of these blanks while maintaining the level of happiness you currently have," says McNally.

Here are the first steps to a successful relocation:

1. Identify your priorities and budget

“This might be walkability, proximity to schools and playgrounds or your commute to work. It’s also important to meet with a mortgage expert ahead of time, so you get an idea of what your budget is,” she says. “Identifying these can help narrow down the search, and by meeting with a mortgage expert, you can help avoid any disappointment that might occur if you step outside of your budget.”

2. Find resources that help you find reputable people
“One of the biggest stressors, especially for people moving to a new city, is not knowing who is reputable. Not knowing who to call to help clean or paint can be a huge burden,” says McNally. “It’s why we have a list of preferred suppliers that we know and trust so our clients can feel good that whoever is working on their house, or helping them with their yard, is someone we stand behind.”

3. Ask yourself the right questions

“What do you like about where you currently live? What do you wish you had? When deciding where to move, let’s try to fill in some of these blanks while maintaining the level of happiness you currently have.”

4. Find the real estate agent that will work with you
“Real Estate is an investment and Medicine Hat is fortunate enough to have a solid real estate market. We aren’t as drastically impacted by some of the “boom and bust” factors that larger centres experience,” says McNally. “The best part about living in a smaller city, is that we have all the major amenities that bigger cities offer but still the small-town charm of being able to get anywhere within 15 minutes. We have an entrepreneurial spirit within our city, and it’s what makes us so unique.”

5. Find which neighbourhood in the city is best for you
“When you move for a new position, it’s important to understand if the location of your new home needs to be within a certain distance from your new job site, or if there are any other particulars that need to be met,” says McNally.  "This is to ensure there are no complications in you starting your new role.”

6. Find a Real Estate Agent that has the experience with personal and/or job relocations
“If you don’t have those local connections established yet, it can be helpful to find a team that is comfortable coordinating with movers, appraisers and lawyers. Our team does this, and it provides a ton of assurance for those relocating.”

7. Take into consideration your family’s needs
“Identify what the priorities are for you and your family. Maybe you like to walk to get coffee, or prefer the quieter suburbs. It’s these details that can really determine whether or not you have a pleasant experience and the best impression of the city," she says. “If someone is moving for a new job and they have a family, it’s important to my team and I to get to know them, so that we can make the transition as smooth as possible,” says McNally.

8. Take a tour of the city

“Something we do when we have out-of-town clients is take them on a tour of the city. We show them some of our favourite spots, give them some of our amazing locally produced goods and get them excited to become a part of such a vibrant community,” says McNally. “This ensures that what can be a stressful time is as seamless as possible. It allows the new residents to find comfort in their new location, and lets them put down roots in the community.”

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