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Michelle Amos

“It’s just a really beautiful city.” - Michelle Amos.

Michelle Amos lived all over the world while her husband worked in the military. Once he retired, the two decided that Medicine Hat felt most like home.

Michelle accepted a position in the city in 2012, and they packed their belongings and moved to the sunniest city in Canada.

“There’s something for everyone; there’s housing for everyone, and there’s something to do no matter what age you are at low-cost or free,” she says.

Michelle immediately immersed herself into the community with the events and activities, from walking tours, to movies, to the Sunshine Skillet, to the Great Big Paddle and Great Big Pedal, to taking continuing education courses at the college, like calligraphy and adult ballet.

“When you immigrate to Canada, they talk about joining the community, and I think that is very palpable here,” she says.

As she became familiar with people in the community, she found herself waving and having conversations while doing simple errands. Running into people she knows, there is always a friendly hello or wave with the familiar faces when leaving the house.

“And that to me is the very epitome of community,” she says.

She says the city has reinvented itself while still cherishing its historic past, with significant bridges, old buildings and the CP Rail, along with new renovations and economic growth.

The outdoor lifestyle was embraced quickly by her and her husband, enjoying the beautiful scenery, the city viewpoints, walking the trails and even road trips to nearby destinations like the Cypress Hills.

A dessert and coffee from a local downtown coffee shop, a walk along the river from Gas City Campground to Echo Dale Regional Park, a movie premiere and then dinner at a restaurant or picnic in Kin Coulee Park is a day well spent for Michelle.

“This should also not be underestimated, you can get from one side of the city to the other in 15 minutes, maybe 17 if you hit all the red lights,” she says.

The extraordinary local businesses do not go unnoticed or unsupported by the residents. She says the unique small businesses found throughout the city will bring a memorable shopping experience.

“I think this city is really beautiful with the boulevards, the trees, the parks and the flowers. It's just a really beautiful city," she says.

Michelle and her husband enjoy the sunshine at a park in their neighbourhood that connects to one of the many city trails. The City of Medicine Hat's trail system connects to all the neighbourhoods in the city, so one is able to use these for transportation and leisurely.

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