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Sunayan Mullick

“I just love it.” - Sunayan Mullick.

When Sunayan Mullick was faced with a job opportunity at QinetiQ in Medicine Hat, he was directed to the Move to Medicine Hat website to see what the city itself had to offer.

After reading stories and learning about the city, he was flown to Medicine Hat to explore more and see if it was a good fit for his lifestyle, and it was. He moved in July 2021. 

“The fact that Medicine Hat is the sunniest city in Canada makes me happy. I really enjoyed my first summer here — I walked the trails almost everyday after work for an hour and a half. The sunsets are always beautiful,” says Mullick.

“I just love it.”

When he wants to travel outside of the city, he drives the five hours to Banff National Park to be in the mountains. His time is mostly spent enjoying his new home and trying eateries with more pleasant surprises along the way.

“There is a lot of diversity here, which is interesting,” he says. “There’s a diverse population here, especially with the eateries. We have some nice Thai and Japanese restaurants, as well as Indian. And I really want to try Fatuma’s Ethiopian Cafe.”

The Saamis Tepee is a landmark he often visits. He loves going there and standing beside it to take in the size. Since it's near the Trans-Canada Highway, Mullick is thrilled he’s able to pass it every day on his way home from work — the sole reason for his move.

“I love my job. I work with a solid group of people. I work with very, very supportive and friendly people. I’m learning a lot, and I couldn’t be more thankful,” he says.

Mullick looks forward to more summers in Medicine Hat hiking the trails and enjoying the sunshine. 

“It blows my mind that there’s over 155 kilometres of trails. I have never seen that in any place I’ve lived in. Everyone loves to just be out and about here. It’s a very different vibe from the big city, and it has everything you need. Before I moved from Toronto, I had the impression that this was a smaller place, but when you move here, you realize it has everything.”

Sunayan Mullick stands in front of an aircraft in his workplace, QinetiQ.

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