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Darrell and Dawna Motz

“If you’re not wanting the rush of a big city, then I think Medicine Hat offers that to a lot of people." - Dawna Motz.

When Darrell and Dawna Motz found a quarter section of land outside of Medicine Hat on Range Road 71, they packed their belongings to move in 2012 from Hanna, Alta.

The couple owns a convertible to cruise in during the warmer months. When they drive into the city, a morning coffee at a local cafe, browsing the downtown businesses and enjoying the trails, whether on bike or foot, is a relaxing way the two would spend their day.

“There is so much beauty within the city, especially with the river that runs through it,” says Dawna.  “We try to get out on the river with our kayaks a few times a year. There is definitely a lot to enjoy in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas if you like the outdoors.”

Dawna and Darrell owned a bed and breakfast when they lived in Hanna, and they had the desire to open a new one when they moved to Medicine Hat.

They had a vision to create a new bed and breakfast that would promote the experiences Southern Alberta offers. In 2017, five years after their move, they officially opened Guesthouse 71.

Guesthouse 71 is located just outside of Medicine Hat and gives an authentic, unique and cozy experience in the prairies. A few reasons why the two opened the BNB was to embrace local businesses, encourage local shopping and to collaborate with small businesses in the area.

The couple enjoys operating their business every day, cherishes their time in the city, and is delighted to be near their children, who also live in Medicine Hat with their families. The two say they see themselves calling the city home for the foreseeable future.

“We have been in small town communities most of our life,” says Dawna. “If you’re not wanting the rush of a big city, and have all you need in one place, then I think Medicine Hat offers that to a lot of people."
Dawna and Darrell Motz stop at a locally-owned cafe, Zucchini Blossom, in Medicine Hat while they drive their convertible around the city underneath the sunshine. Each coffee shop and cafe in Medicine Hat offers a unique ambience and serves freshly made food and brewed coffee.

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