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Doyin Adeyemo

"It’s very peaceful and colourful." - Doyin Adeyemo.

In January 2022, Doyin Adeyemo moved to Medicine Hat from Calgary for a job opportunity.

In just two months of living in Medicine Hat, and experiencing mostly winter weather, Adeyemo has already felt the sense of community and has enjoyed trying new eateries in the city.

“The sense of community is stronger here, and there are a lot of friendly people. I always tell my friends and family that there are so many nice people here. For my birthday, I came into my office and it was decorated with balloons. It was really nice that two months in, people were going out of their way for someone who is new to the office and city,” she says.

The Mezz Bar and Eatery is a place that’s stayed in her memory since she first ate there. With the extravagant decor, tasty food, and friendly atmosphere, she was happy to see this type of restaurant in Medicine Hat, along with many others, like Madhatter Coffee Roastery and Country Crumbs Bakery & Cafe.

“A lot of the food in Medicine Hat tastes fresh and authentic, especially the Asian dishes,” says Adeyemo. “And the staff are super accommodating and friendly. We’re always told to have a good night, and you just feel really taken care of.”

During one weekend, she adventured to Elkwater, Alberta with The Connection, where she tried snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, and tobogganing. She isn’t normally an outdoorsy person, but those around her and the staff at the interpretive centre inspired her to stay outside and experience the winter wonderland.

The beauty of Medicine Hat has intrigued Adeyemo, “I really like the nightlife and how lit up the city is when you’re driving through in the night. The ambiance is very bright, and it’s nice to look at and drive around. There isn’t a lot of screaming or partying — it’s very peaceful and colourful.”

As she experiences the winter, Adeyemo looks forward to warmer weather and more adventures in Canada’s Sunniest City.

Doyin Adeyemo smiles in Country Crumbs Bakery & Cafe, one of her favourite spots in the city.

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