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Moving to a new city alone

Moving to a new city is enthralling, invigorating, inspiring and suspenseful, especially when it’s done solo. Ultimately, it’s finding the size of city that meets you where you’re at, that will also grow with you along the way.

It begins when we enter a spacious, empty room and envision the décor. If it all fits well together, we sign our name to a paper that officiates our move with no compromise.

It can be decided in Medicine Hat whether one has a downtown, prairie, city-scape or river view in a quiet neighbourhood that awakes us with breathtaking sunrises, and settles us with calm sunsets.

To know it’s possible in some cities to wake in a comfortable home with paid bills, a full tank of gas and a week’s schedule of leisures, all still while having gorgeous views and amenities that are a short drive away, brings ease into one’s life.

Socialization is key in creating new relationships. The organic kind, with immediate personal connection builds a strong bond. To find other people who we connect with, a community with accessible leagues, classes and events is favourable.

Chris Brown moved to Medicine Hat 13 years ago from Lethbridge for a career change, and quickly joined a recreational slow pitch league when invited by one of his coworkers.

“I really loved it. It was very low-key and an appropriate level of competitiveness that I was looking for, and what I think my teammates were looking for,” says Brown.
“Meeting all the people was the best thing about it. Some of my best friends now are people I met from playing slow pitch.”

For those who aren’t sporty, local business owners who organize classes to cook, bake, paint and dance bring our community together and guide us into our desired lifestyle.

After we endure the move alone, we’ll sit in the local coffee shops and eateries, walk underneath the sun, shop for our needs, adventure the innings and surroundings of our city and converse with those who’re nearby. We’ll create familiarity. Everything that encouraged us to move to the city will come to life and be lived.

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