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Prabha Nair and Ashok Pillai

"There is full enjoyment for families of all ages here." - Prabha Nair

Prabha Nair and her husband Ashok Pillai moved to Medicine Hat in late 2022, after purchasing the beautiful Elkwater Lake Lodge & Resort. They lived in Banff for 16 years, but wanted a more relaxing environment with opportunity. Medicine Hat and Elkwater in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park were the places to be.

At first, the plan was to live in Elkwater. After learning how close the two destinations were, the couple was thrilled to learn Elkwater is a short drive from Medicine Hat, so they moved to Canada’s Sunniest City. 

“Medicine Hat is a beautiful and amazing community. There is so much sun — it really is the sunniest city, and the people are so nice and friendly. We just love it,” says Nair. “Being here in person we’ve realized how good it is for us to live here and for our son to grow up here. Medicine Hat is our new home.”

They moved with their toddler into a neighbourhood near many parks, shopping areas, and trails. Because the weather is so nice, they often find themselves outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Everything is a five minute drive from their home, which they enjoy about living in Medicine Hat.

“When it’s so sunny, we want to be outside all the time. It’s so different from any other place we’ve lived. It’s a nice quiet city, and we’re really looking forward to exploring and learning more,” says Nair.

Because Nair and Pillai are the new owners of Elkwater Lake Lodge & Resort, a lot of their time is spent in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. They are excited to share this beautiful oasis to the Medicine Hat community and beyond. The very relaxed destination is a peaceful getaway, with lakes to swim in and fish and trails for hiking and biking. 

“There is full enjoyment for families of all ages here. There’s a ski hill in the winter and many summer activities. It’s never too crowded and there’s always parking. There is so much wildlife, too. We’ve never seen so much wildlife in one place before, and it’s really nice,” says Nair.

The family is very happy to have Medicine Hat and Elkwater be so close and they’re eager to share Elkwater with families and friends who want an experiential getaway.

The couple looks forward to raising their child in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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